Pink's Pretty Premades


Important Notice

Pinks Pretty Premades is temporarily not accepting custom hammock orders from new customers.  Due to school and the small rescue I run I cannot keep up with the demand for hammocks, and wait times for custom orders are now up to 3-4 weeks.  Hopefully this summer I will be able to reopen my store to all customers.  If you have ordered from me previously please email me or use the forum on this website to contact me about any possible orders.
Home of large, comfortable hammocks for your rat or other small pet!

I am a small hammock maker who focuses on making high quality hammocks for rats and other small pets.  I have been sewing for 14 years, spending the last two years focusing on rat hammocks.  I opened my shop to help cover my colony's and rescue's very expensive vet bills.  As I live in Alaska, I don't have many rats (9 currently), but their vet bills still add up to thousands a year.  There are 7 wonderful females in Alaska Rat Rescue at the moment and hammock profits are being used to support these wonderful girls.