Pink's Pretty Premades

How to Order

To place an order you can use the form below, or email me.

When ordering please remember to include:

  • A list of any premades you are interested in.
  • A list of custom hammocks you want, with sizes.
  • What fabrics you would like me to use.
  • Backup fabric choices just in case I don't have enough fabric for your order.
  • Any special instructions.
  • How you will be paying, I prefer paypal, but also accept money orders through the mail.
  • Your zip code or country(non USA) so I can calculate shipping

I have a large, but constantly varying supply of fleece colors.  Since I am not capable of posting pictures online that are close enough to match fleece to your patten, please trust me to find a matching fleece.  If you would like certain types of colors, like blues or greens, please ask, and I will try to find something within that range.  I usually use a variety of colors, but can keep them all the same if you would prefer.

Small orders of 1-3 hammocks can usually be sent first class.  All orders can be sent priority.  I will not ship parcel post as that can sometimes take 4-6 weeks from Alaska.  With the long shipping times it is easy to assume a package is lost, only to have it arrive later.  First class and priority usually takes 4-5 days.  All packages sent within the USA will have tracking numbers.

I can ship internationally.  To save on international shipping I often need to split orders into multiple packages, so don't be surprised if your order arrives in parts.

Order Form, place order information in comments box